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SR-160 Basic type
Use of KEELOQ code hopping technology by Microchip with 64 billion combinations which is guaranteed unable to break.
Add One New and Delete All Transmitter(SR-30) management functions.
Two REALY outputs. Adjustable Toggle state or Trigger state.
Special memory designed to prevent loss of data when power cut occurred.
Internal voltage supervisor and self-testing functions.
Suitable for electric lock or other remote control applications
The system can used for up to 80 remote controls.
LT-100 (Keyless Entry System W/2 Transmitter)
?Low Cost Full Function Alarm
?0.4 or 3.5 seconds Lock timer selection by Loop wire. 
?20 Second Siren Duration.  
?-500 mA Auxiliary output. 
?Auto Rearming.
?Central Door Lock controls relay built-in. 
?Defective zone Bypass.
?Emergency Override . 
?Engine-Kill output reserved. 
?Optional Shock sensor input reserved.
?Optional Siren output reserved. 
?Panic (press 1st button for 2 sec.)
?Parking light relay built-in. 
?Remote Lock / Unlock. 
?Remote Trunk Open (Press 2nd button 2 second ).
?Status memory LED. Smart LED. 
?Universal type. 
?Valet operation. (1+2 button when Ignition"On").
Transmitter Duplicator (2 or 4 Bottom)
?Other Alarm Enhancement Accessories
?2 Bottom Transmitter Duplicator.
?4 Bottom Transmitter Duplicator.
?Dimension (lxhxw) : 4 x 10x 2cm.
?Frequency : 433.92 Mhz. 
?Power source.  Dc 12V.
?Standby current : 0 mA. 
?Power consumption : 200 mA.
?Output power : 2W.
?Number of codes : 4996.
?Water-tight Transmitter & Receiver
LT-200 Access System
Receiver :
  • Voltage. Stand-by current in armed state.
  • Maximum output current ( below +40 degree C ).
  • 1st Channel output. 2nd Channel output. type of Output Trigger. Dimensions. Temperature range.
Transmitter :
  • Vltage. Operating current ( transmission mode )
  • Dimensions. Temperature range.
  • Radio Frequency. Remote rang transmitting power.
  • Output power for average transmitter.
  • 12 V. lower 9.8 mA. 27.3 mA. 15A.15A.
    momentary ( signal will last as long as the button is press ).
    102 x 73 x 32 mm. -30 to +80? degree.
  • 12 V. (A23/A27 battery).
    lower 9.2mA. 46mm x 37mm x 12mm.
    -10 to +80? degrees 330MHz.
    about 60~100 Meter. about 100mW (Mini Watt).
LT-RF4301 Long range RF module up to 200 M.
  • Modulatione=ASK
  • Low power consumption : 9Ma
  • Power down with very low supply current.(<1uA)
  • Operation temperature range : ?20??+80?
  • High Sensitivity: -118dBm .
  • Power Supply (Nominal) : 3 V ~5.5VDC
  • Max Data Rate : 8Kbps
  • Receiver Frequency : 433.92 MHz
  • Resonance : LC Resonator
  • Dimension(LXWXH) 43*31*1.6 mm
  • The Module's Frequency is From UHF ASK 315/434MHz.
  • High sensitivity Passive Design.
  • MAX 10K B/S Data Rate.
  • Simple To Apply With Low External Parts Count.
  • Wide range Supply Voltage: Vcc=2.4~5 Vdc
  • ASK Data Shaping Comparator Included.
  • General description
RF Ax5051 2way
RF_Ax5051_2way RF transceiver modules.
The module of AX5051 is a multi-channel UHF transceiver and has a configurable data rate up to 250kbps transceiver module. Our module of AX5051 can be offered the unique combination of lowest cost, excellent RF performance and high flexibility. It can be used on different wireless security system or specific remote-control function.
It can easily be designed to your wireless product and reduced design timing and easily to marketing.
Features :
  • True single chip UHF RF transceiver
  • The modulation supported in FSK
  • Support voltage range: 2.3V ~ 3.6V
  • Frequency bands: 433.92 & 868.35 & 915MHz
  • High sensitivity ( 109dBm @1.2kbps )
  • Programmable data rate up to 200kbps
  • Programmable output power up to +14dBm for all supported frequencies of ISM band
  • Excellent receiver selectivity and blocking performance
  • Ideal for multi-channel operation
  • Configurable packet handling hardware
  • Suitable for frequency hopping systems due to a fast settling frequency synthesizer
  • Optional Forward Error Correction with interleaving
  • Spring antenna or MHF receptacle (by customization) for selection
  • Small size & lowest cost

Applications :
  • Car security system
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Garage door controller
  • Home security
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Automation system
  • Home & building automation
  • Long range telemetry
  • Wireless toys
  • The Module's Frequency is From UHF ASK 280~434MHz.
  • High sensitivity Passive Design.
  • 4800 B/S Baseboard Data Rate.
  • Simple To Apply With Low External Parts Count.
  • Low Supply Voltage: Vcc = 5Vdc
  • ASK Data Shaping Comparator Included.
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